Want to strike a nerve with your image rather than just gritting your teeth and getting it done?

When I tell you a good story-based headshot can automatically attract your ideal clients to you, I am not joking around. You aren’t the only one who is rolling your eyes at the same old boring headshots.  There is a reason the term “headshot” has turned the corner into lame territory – many of them really are pretty stuffy, boring, and predictable.  Your headshot needs to showcase your personality so that people can relate to you before they even pick up the phone (or mouse).

My recent client shared her new photo and received 180 interactions on her facebook page in one evening as a result.
beautiful headshot of a naturopath out in nature

People were scrambling to interact with my client because of her engaging new headshot!

This is just one example of what happens time and time again when professionals bring their personality and enthusiasm to their business portraits. If you show up for your brand image, your ideal clients will see your passion and they will want to work with you automatically.

So call me old fashioned, but I do believe that your headshot really matters.

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