The beauty is in the details. It is the raggedy blanket. It is the toddler who insists on wearing boots and no pants. It is the way the light comes in through your kitchen window in the afternoon. It is the looks you share with those you love. I want you to look back decades from now and say “YES! That’s exactly what our life looked like. Wasn’t it beautiful?”

This is my invitation to you…

Let’s get to know each other

What do you do together when you have a day off? Go for a hike? Cook? Go to a game? Play at home? A lot of people think there is nothing unique about them, but when we get together and start chatting, the possibilities come to life.

Let’s play together

Whether I’m photographing your family, or teaching you to document all the little moments, let’s go to the park! Let’s dance in the living room! Don’t worry, while we’re having fun, I’ll make sure everything looks great. Just relax and enjoy being together!

Let me show you the beauty in your everyday

Through this lens, you get to see your life just like everyone else sees it; full of beauty, joy, and truth.

I felt like we had a fun afternoon in the park, not like we were getting photos taken. We look like ourselves, and the whole experience has been amazing.

Kate K.

Experience Kate’s maternity play date!

What do you want to do first?

Family Playdate

Lifestyle pictures of a Portland family in the parkThis is your chance to get in the picture! I’ll bring my camera along and we have fun doing what your family loves. It is in this way that I am able to capture the images that allow you to step into your life. Learn more about family playdates.

“How To” Playdate

photo of a mama learning to take better pictures of her childrenI can’t be there all the time. Your family is living a beautiful life every day, and through my 4 easy steps you will learn to capture true, beautiful images of your children when I’m not around! Learn more about “How To” Playdates.

 Community Play Date

This is a photo taken during a community playdate at Harper's Playground in North PortlandGet together with other parents who share your passion for capturing true, beautiful images! I provide a quick basic set of tips to go with the environment, and then we play together. I’m always available to answer questions and make suggestions for those who want a little bit more. Make new friends, strengthen your skills, and gain accountability when you join this community! Find our more about Community Playdates.

Before, the pictures were stuck in my computer. It was a pain to pull them up, and I could never find the ones I was looking for because they were just a bunch of files in chronological order. Now I just grab the book and relive the story any time I want.

Thank you again and again for your wonderful vision! I kind of want to grab people by the lapels and say ‘Look at this! It’s beautiful!’ But I am kind of controlling myself. Kinda.

Rise V.

Story Books For A Lifetime

Read a book to your child that features them and their family as the main characters! Watch as their sense of excitement, belonging, and peace builds through the sharing of this truly personal story.

Custom Story Book Pricing

The design of your book is included in the cost of your playdate, so the additional cost to bring your book to life is quite low.

  • 8x8″ Memory Book = $199
  • 12x12″ Coffee Table Book = $249
Lifestyle family photo of photographer, Serra Hadsell's, family playing in their living room
Lifestyle family photo of photographer, Serra Hadsell's, family playing in their living room

Hiring a photographer is like making a friend. You don’t want to hire just anyone! You’ve got to choose someone whose work you like, but also someone you like and trust as a person. You should feel like your photographer would fit in with your group of friends. If I’m going to get true images of your family, I will have to become part of your life! Before hiring someone, get to know them a bit to make sure it’s a good fit. If they are any good at what they do, they’ll be doing the same thing when they are getting to know you! In that spirit, I want to share the story of how I came to do this work.

I am one of the lucky ones in my generation… read more

Serra Hadsell

Lifestyle Family Photographer Portland, Oregon

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Studio Address: 3431 NE Fremont Drive, Portland OR 97220 Serravision Photography studio is used by appointment only for meetings and viewing parties.

Please note:

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  • Please do not knock or ring doorbell on the main house at any time

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