Well lit and composed business head shots have the ability to show your true personality and connect with people!

People often ask me “Why do I need a professional headshot?
Isn’t it kind of fake?  Wouldn’t it be better to show the real me?”

This is a complicated question to answer.

First — YES!  Of course it is best to show the real you!

But wouldn’t it be better if while showing the real you, you also presented a clear photo without any distractions? One where you have a good connection with the camera so that the person looking at it on the other side of the inter webs feels like they already have a connection with you?

Wouldn’t it be great if they could see your eyes, because the lighting is coming from the front rather than from above like in most snapshots?

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a professional helping you hold your body in a way that conveys the confidence, intelligence, and professionalism you want to embody in your business?

When you are networking or trying to attract clients online, your headshot is the first impression people will have when they encounter your profile.

You know what they say… “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression”.  This is particularly true online, because you are not there to let your shining personality save the day!  If they don’t feel a connection to your image they may just leave without ever finding out more about you.

That’s a big risk to take!

Yesterday I hosted my second “Social Media Headshot Day” in my northeast portland photography studio.  I had 7 local professionals come in, one every half hour, and we gave them a social media update with a clean, well lit, engaging new headshot photo.  Take a look at the before and afters, and if you still think your camera phone is better for conveying your personality in your head shot, let us know in the comment section below!


Pre-existing Linkedin photos from 7 local business people.

Basic business headshots taken in studio to update clients’ social media image

And if studio headshots are not for you, I completely understand. I think studio headshots work wonders for financial & insurance professionals, but not as well for natural healers or yoga instructors… If you are looking for something a little more personalized – if you want images taken of you in your environment, or you want to take a few different kinds of images – you may be interested in my story-based headshot sessions.

Thanks so much to all the participants for yesterday’s event!

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