See Your Joy

You have a Beautiful Life

The beauty is in the details. It is the raggedy blanket. It is the toddler who insists on wearing boots and no pants. It is the way the light comes in through your kitchen window in the afternoon. It is the looks you share with those you love. I want you to look back at your Family Storybook decades from now and say “YES! That’s exactly what our life looked like. Wasn’t it beautiful?”

Let’s get to know each other

The best way to capture true, beautiful moments is to spend time with people you love. Of course that means your family, but it also means your photographer! My clients are like family to me. The kids I photograph get excited for me to come, and sometimes cry when I leave. Everyone is truly happy to see each other. And that’s where the magic begins.

Let’s play together

Let’s go to the park! Let’s dance in the living room! Don’t worry, whether we’re making breakfast, building with blocks, or nursing and getting ready for a nap, I’ll make sure everything looks just right. Your job is to simply relax and enjoy being together!

Let me show you the beauty in your everyday

Photographs hold the parts of the story we’re unable to see in the moment. Through my lens, you get to see your life just like everyone else sees it; full of beauty, truth, and joy. And because we’ve played so authentically, these everyday moments will continue to grow richer with time.

I felt like we had a fun afternoon in the park, not like we were getting photos taken. We look like ourselves, and the whole experience has been amazing.
Kate K.

Let’s play together

How does this whole thing work?

My formal  training is as a documentary filmmaker. I am a storyteller who uses photography as a tool. By reflecting the joy in your life back for you, and giving you a finished story to read over and over, I teach you to see your own joy.

My tried and true process makes your story come to life with minimal effort on your part. It’s a bit like magic!

We’ll get together three times

#1 – Getting To Know You Date

You’ll get comfortable working with me, and share your story through my prompts. I’ll help you identify activities that make your family’s story shine.

#2 – Day-In-Your-Life Photo Playdate

We’ll play together doing fun activities that your family loves.

#3 – Viewing and Design Party (With treats!)

You’ll watch your Storybook take shape as we enjoy a slideshow of the 100+ images from our playdate and start to see them come together in context through my initial storybook draft.

This photo shows in detail the three products clients receive with their storybook lifestyle photo session; a hard cover leather bound album storybook, a copy of their storybook in board book format, and a custom usb drive with all the digital files

You’ll walk away with three truly unique products:

  • Leather bound Custom Family Storybook*
  • Baby and Toddler-proof duplicate Storybook in Everyday Board Book** format
  • Full set of 100+ High Resolution Digital Images on a custom wooden USB drive

You’ll receive expert support and services:

  • Expert guidance choosing the parts of your story to focus on
  • Your 2-3 hour Photo Playdate
  • Wardrobe advice to make your photos pop while still remaining timeless
  • Storybook writing prompts customized for your family
  • 100+ images optimized for print and screen
  • Your very own custom Family Storybook design
*Custom Storybooks (pictured top left and detailed bottom right) are printed onto archival photo paper and heat fused to mat board pages. They are then leather bound and finished with your images to create durable, elegant books that stand up to the test of time.
**Everyday Board Books (pictured top middle and detailed bottom left) are printed directly onto durable cardboard stock with rounded corners for everyday use by tiny hands.

Your investment:

The pricing structure for this work is revolutionary. By bundling time, talent, design, and product costs, it has been carefully crafted to eliminate SALES from our relationship. You know exactly what you’re investing, and we can plan payments that work for your family. That way, the elephant in the room (anxiety about money) is out of the way before we even begin.

This is a vital point because, when you look back at a photograph, you will remember how you felt at the time it was captured. So many or us have family pictures from our past that we look at and remember anxiety and stress from “picture day” instead of seeing the joy of being together.

In this work, our focus is on being together and revealing your joy. You can relax fully, knowing you won’t be asked to pay extra later so you can have the digital negatives. You won’t find yourself in a situation where you’re being upsold to. This process is fully transparent. No surprises.

And, as if this wasn’t already revolutionary enough, to encourage our ongoing relationship your cost goes down over time.

The longer we know each other, the more comfortable you get. Your anxiety about “picture day” will dissolve away. You’ll start to look forward to the opportunity to relax, step back, and see your life through a new lens. And your images will become vibrant, deep, true reflections of your family’s joy. 

$1875     New Client
$1475     Returning Client
$950       VIP Client (3rd session or more)

Still looking for more?

Here are some other ways we can work together

Are you interested in learning to take better pictures of your day-to-day life? 
I also offer How-To Playdates or you can book me as a speaker!

Let’s tell your family’s story

Serra’s work has shown us how truly beautiful our day-to-day family time is. We had no idea. Honestly, I struggled with justifying the cost. We thought our cell phone photos were capturing plenty, and, having a new baby can be pretty rough on the old budget.

We were worried it wouldn’t turn out well. We thought we already knew what our life looked like; tired parents, grumpy baby, naps, diaper changes, nursing… who needs photos of all this?

When Serra showed up to look at our pictures with us, we were feeling a little defeated. We thought we would be lucky to have even a few good ones in there.

And then we got to see our family through her eyes. She caught the absolute best of all these common moments. She saw the beauty and joy that we didn’t even know was there. It was there the whole time, and now we can see it. This experience is life altering.

The importance of Serra’s work is especially clear to me, now, after looking through photos from our grandparents, and our own childhoods. They are AWFUL in so many ways!

I am so thankful to have an accurate representation of our immense joy to remind ourselves that it’s there, to show off to family and friends, and to pass along to our daughter.

It’s also really nice to have the durable, organized, and super stylish format of the storybook.

We already have been looking at it together almost daily with our baby, and she loves to see our familiar faces. We got a book for us, and one for Grammy & Grandpa.

It is so nice to have all of us in the photos – that never happens – and to not have to feel awkward posing as a family. This book is just us, together, as we are – like it should be!

The whole experience has been so refreshing. We can’t wait to have another play date with Serra!

Heather W.


This is a truly unique product. Your custom storybook features your life as you live it. The photos hold all those details that so easily slip away, and they show you new things each time you look at them. They are true. And when you add your own words, you create a window into the past that is unlike anything else. 

Some people say pictures speak louder than words. I say they speak loudest together.

Do you place a high value on your family, and your family story, and on creating a sense of unity and belonging for yourself and your children?

One of the main reasons my clients choose to work with me is this: They want these storybooks for their family. 

If you are like most people, you have tried to start projects like this. You wanted to have an album for baby’s first year, or the summer when you moved to a new house. But you never quite made it come together.

You are not alone. There’s something in the way when you try to tell your own story. The process is overwhelming when you don’t have a trusted advisor to give you perspective, offer ideas, and keep you accountable.

Step into this process knowing that your story will be told. Knowing that your memories will be carried. Knowing that the parts of the story you can’t see from inside will be with you, always, through this work.

Before, the pictures were stuck in my computer. It was a pain to pull them up, and I could never find the ones I was looking for. Now I can grab the book and all my favorite pictures are there for me any time I want.

Thank you again and again for your wonderful vision! I kind of want to grab people by the lapels and say ‘Look at this! It’s beautiful!’ But I am kind of controlling myself. Kinda.

Rise V.

Let’s make sure we click!

I get it.

You are here because you want to see the truth. You’re tired of fake smiles and awkward poses. You don’t like meaningless small talk. You care deeply about the people who make up your family and your community, and you know that you are all stronger together.

You want true, beautiful images of your family. You want to look back at them and get goosebumps because you can’t believe how much has changed… and how much has stayed the same!

And in order to get those images – the ones that instantly transport you back to another time – your photographer needs to be a comfortable part of your life right now.

The decision of who you invite in is an important one! You don’t want to hire just anyone. You’ve got to choose someone whose work you like, but also someone you like and trust as a person. They should be someone you could see yourself inviting to your next movie night or backyard bbq. Your kids should be excited for their playdate because this fun family friend is coming to play with them! …And she just happens to always have her camera.

How will you know if it’s a good fit? If you’ve gotten this far, I imagine you’ve already found some common threads.

Let’s get to know each other

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