So as you all know from my last post, I am working on a super top secret (obviously not really) video to promote my business!  I want this video to show the fun that I have with my clients, the relationships that are built over time, and how the technical aspect of the session goes down to a small extent.

I shot this session right after the maternity session from my last post.  Since I had brought lighting for that session I figured why not see about using it with this little one?  I have never brought a flash to an outdoor child session before, but I think I’m going to start!

I thought it might just be one too many balls in the air with the high energy of a 4-yr-old, but it turned out to be very little distraction and actually she thought that flash with its 2.5′ soft box was tré cool!   Check out this adorable sun kicker series shot as the sun set on our session…  I would usually only do this effect with a teen or adult, but I just love the magical feeling of it with this little girl!  Yippee for broadening horizons…

Using flash with 4-yr-old girl at magic hour

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