Who says a little rain will ruin your wedding day? This is Oregon! At this wedding we saw it all. Glorious sunshine, light drizzle, torrential downpours, and even hail! Here’s some advice on how to handle a rainy wedding:

Most importantly, have a great attitude!

A little rain never hurt anything...

A little rain never hurt anything...

This event is not about anything but a beautiful relationship. Sometimes the amount of time and energy that has gone into planning an event makes it easy to forget this simple fact. As a photographer, your job is to remind the couple and their friends and family that the day is perfect despite the rain. How can you do this?

  • Assure them that you are prepared, confident, and not concerned about the weather. You may know this, but it isn’t obvious to your clients unless you tell them!
  • Remind them that clouds and rain actually create stunning imagery!
  • Bring a raincoat for you, and one for your gear! You can go DIY and cover your camera with plastic bags (here’s an interesting DIY tutorial) or for a few bucks you can pick something up that’s specifically designed for your camera. I like the ones with arm covers, like this one from KATA.
  • Wear waterproof boots! I prefer hiking boots to rain boots, for good all-terrain grip. No matter how formal the event, if you’re worried about getting wet, your clients will be too. And the last thing they need to be thinking about on their wedding day is the photographer’s feet!
  • Be flexible and take opportunities as they present themselves. Don’t worry if you were planning on doing formals before the ceremony and it’s raining cats and dogs.  Simply reassure them that it will be fine to do them later, and let them know you’ll be in charge of choosing the best time for their photography.  Trusting in you will give them the freedom to enjoy their wedding!
I hope this has helped you prepare for your rainy outdoor Oregon wedding.  Follow these simple tips and you’ll be successful in every kind of weather!
Gorgeous photography from a very rainy outdoor wedding

Gorgeous photography from a very rainy outdoor wedding

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