A young brother and sister eat soup together at the table. They do funny things like pouring soup into each other's bowls and slurping it up off the table!

For the first time ever, I scheduled a family playdate over Thanksgiving weekend.

This family was on my radar because they had been pummeled with challenges for the past year and it had come to a climax this fall with a mortality scare followed by two minor surgeries involving three of the members of this four-person family.

When we first talked about their family photos, they were uncertain. As new clients, they hadn’t worked with me before and weren’t completely convinced that it would actually feel fun and relaxed. I get this a lot with first-time clients. They have to experience the work to understand what it feels like to allow me into their lives to capture the joy.

They were, understandably, feeling exhausted and uncertain, and worried that preparing for a family photo session would add even more stress to their lives. At the same time, they knew that this was a major formative part of their family’s timeline. They understood that, even though it was difficult, they would want to remember not only the difficulties they overcame, but also that they were together, and in love with each other, the whole time.

photo collage of lifestyle family pictures from portland photographer serravision photography

They wanted to acknowledge how strong their support system had been, and celebrate the joy that remained even through the pain.

Speaking of support system, one of the really cool parts of this story is that their community came together to gift this session to them. Family, friends, and community members organized and contributed to give them the gift of seeing their joy. To give the gift of holding on. To give the gift of gratitude — every day.

How could I possibly say no to this story?

photo collage of lifestyle pictures from portland lifestyle photographer serravision photography focusing on the two year old girl

To learn more about story-based lifestyle family photo sessions and family storybooks, visit Serravision Photography online.

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