inexpensive way to convert your bathroom into a baby changing station

inexpensive way to convert your bathroom into a baby changing station

Becoming a new mom has brought a lot of challenges, not the least of which is how to keep track of all this tiny stuff!?

I’m a creative type, but I also hate disorganization.  So I’ve been coming up with creative solutions to everything baby.  They are not all that high tech, expensive or time consuming… I do have a new baby in the house after all!  For one, I converted my bathroom into a changing station by putting a rubbermaid tub in the bath tub with a changing pad on top and installing shelves for all his diapers and things.

Granted, this rubbermaid tub solution will not work as he gets bigger, but for now it was a lifesaver. If he pees while changing, just rinse out the tub! Yup – these are the kinds of things I am now thinking about. Welcome to motherhood…

Yesterday I was lamenting the fact that I have a million tiny pairs of socks that people have given me and because they are all folded up in pairs I can’t see what size they are. I have to unroll them in order to see if they might fit. And because they’ve been stored that way for a while some of them have one skinny sock and one stretched out sock which does not really help with the problem of socks constantly falling off babies’ feet!

I’ve noticed that there are a few pairs that I always want to use because they just work. And I DO NOT want them to get stretched out! So I dug into my photography gear bag and devised a solution.

store your baby socks in a simple organized fashion that makes it easy to keep the right socks in rotation by using clothespins to attach the ones that work right now to the outside of the basket.  As they get too small or worn out, just take them out of rotation!  Easy.


This kind of thing gives me a lot of joy, and I’m so excited to capture it so I will be able to look back in a bunch of years on all my “brilliant ideas”… some we will laugh about and others we will wonder what went wrong, but each one will have a story. And isn’t that what life is all about?

What new things did you come up with when you became a parent?

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