Yes, this newborn came so early that I didn’t have a chance to book a studio space for his session.  So we took all his newborn photos and pictures with mom in my home office.  Mom called on Saturday, July 7th, and sheepishly informed me that little Aidan had been born on June 25th.  There had been some complications, and he had been kept at the hospital for a few days.  We’d agreed that his pictures needed to be done before he was 10 days old, but she had been too wrapped up in it all to touch base sooner.

photo of newborn with his chin in his hands, sleeping peacefully...

Little one with his chin in his hands, sleeping peacefully…

For those who are not familiar with newborn photography, before they are 10 days old babies tend to sleep like rocks.  They still naturally want to curl up tight, their knees happily tuck into their bellies, you can fiddle with their extremities, put hats on them, pick them up, roll them over… But once you pass day 10 they can be very difficult to photograph.  And this iffy period lasts up until they reach about 3 months old.  Well, at 12 days old already, we were pushing the limits.  But I’m a resourceful kind of gal, and I like nothing more than to make things work out.  The thing I want most is for each and every client to get amazing pictures.  So I heard myself saying “How about tomorrow?”!

There’s approximately 60 square feet of floor space available in my home office.  Newborns are small.  They don’t run around.  You don’t need the floor to get full body images in newborn photography.  Not a problem!  I wish I’d thought to snap a photo of the setup…  Although mildly comical it actually worked out quite well!  I have a blank white wall, so no need to set up a big background stand for the relationship shots.  I set up my beanbag opposite the wall and all I had to do was turn my lights around for higher shots with mom against the white wall.

photograph of newborn baby feet in mom's hands

Newborn baby feet in mom’s hands

The added bonus to this setup is that it doesn’t cost me extra to rent a professional studio space!  I can fully control the heat, which is vital to a successful newborn session, and I have all my supplies right here!  It was so nice not to stress about bringing enough towels or changing pads, or about having the right blanket or hat.

So if you’ve got a new baby on the way, or know someone who is pregnant right now, hit me up!  I’ve discovered newborn photography nirvana, and nothing is going to stop me now!  No, seriously – I’m so excited about this that I’m offering free newborn sessions to anyone who calls to book a session before the end of July.  (The baby must be due before the end of 2012)  Happy maternity!

picture of Mom giving newborn little guy a sweet kiss

Mom giving newborn little guy a sweet kiss


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