This weekend I was so lucky to have this amazing couple volunteer to help me out by letting their maternity session be video recorded for my upcoming promotional video!  I am so excited about this video project, I just know it will help people who are new to my business get a better understanding for what it’s like to build a photography relationship with me.

Most of my maternity clients want studio portraits, but this couple is very outdoorsy and active, so we decided to go out to the park.  During our pre-session coffee date, mom-to-be told me that she liked hiking and climbing trees and so I brought them to one of my favorite parks with the worlds best / easiest climbing tree.  I was honestly expecting her husband to climb the tree and for us to pose as though he was helping her up, but after we did that she got a glimmer in her eye and went right up herself!

Pregnant mama and her husband got adventurous and climbed a tree!

Never in my life have I asked a pregnant mom to climb a tree before!

This is going to be one lucky kid, with a beautiful, brave, and fun-loving family just waiting to show them the magic of the world!

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