Parents put so much effort into the fabulous costumes their children dream up.  It’s a chance for everyone to have fun with make believe – to share in a story that has been created just for this one day.

This year I’ve heard parents stressing over how they are ever going to come up with the costume their child has asked for, or expressing relief that their child changed his mind from wanting to be a smoothie machine to something a bit simpler like a princess… With all that energy and creativity going into Halloween, why not make the very most of it by capturing photos of your child in costume and in context?

We partnered recently with the Treehouse Children’s Boutique on North Williams in Portland, Oregon. They sell these awesome modular superhero costumes in bright, gender-neutral patterns that kids love! This little guy picked out his own colors, and then we went outside and played superhero!

He raced his dad to the scene of the accident, pretended to take off and fly through the air, leapt as high as he could, and just had a blast! And in the end what we came out with was a perfect set of images of him BEING a superhero.  So much more fun than the snapshot we all have of our children dressed up, holding their trick-or-treat bag, and saying cheese.

Want some of your little one this year?  I’m happy to re-live the dress-up part of Halloween any time.  Give me a call today!

Portrait of young child wearing a superhero costume that says "Sometimes you have to be your own superhero"

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