The holidays are always a time for large family groups.  There’s just no way around it.  Relatives are flying into town to be with family, and they only have one or two days where everyone will be together.  I love it when groups like this call me, because I know I can give them portraits that really suit them and don’t feel like cheap studio shots where everyone’s heads are lined up and each is wearing his or her own (patiently fake) smile.

Here’s a sneak peek from my favorite family this season.  They came in dressed to the nines laughing and smiling.  A great start to any session is when everyone is happy to be together.  The worst thing you can do for your family photo is arrive impatient, and nobody in this group fit that description.  I loved how they were happy to do a “serious” pose as well as go all out on the silly pose.  I feel this dyptic really captures the energy of the family.

Extended Family Group Holiday Photo In the Studio

Family Group Holiday Photo In the Studio

What really got me was when I got home and decided to catch up on Modern Family. I pulled up the hulu page and I thought they might all be long-lost relatives! Same color scheme, same basic idea with half the group sitting and half standing, gray backdrop… Love it!

Modern Family Group Cast Photo

Modern Family Group Cast Photo – Uncanny Resemblance!

Did you manage to get any family photos this holiday season?

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