I can never say it enough:  I absolutely love photographing children. Parents tell me all the time “You have so much patience”.  I guess they are right, but from my perspective I’m just on a play date with the kids.  It’s a whole lot of fun!  And it ought to be… If we aren’t having fun, how can it be expected that we’ll get great pictures?

This is the 3rd year I’ve photographed these two, and I can tell you they are true live wires! It’s always a great challenge to get them to stand still, so instead I employ one of my favorite strategies which is to see what they do naturally and figure out how to make it work. One fun game we played was leaf dodgeball. I got quite a few great shots out of this game, but the one I love the most is this candid “between” shot of the older sister because she just looks so authentically happy.

Young girl playing in the leaves for her photo shoot

Play makes for the best expressions

Her younger brother wanted to climb everything, so we found all kinds of great things to climb. I wish I could share more of the fun pictures from this session, but here’s a little sample to give you a taste…  The holiday season is flying by and my availability is almost gone so if you’ve been procrastinating, make sure to get your appointment booked before there are no more left!

A few images from the photo shoot

Children's photo shoot; Code name: Play date!

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