Some of you might know that my husband and I volunteer as neighborhood coordinators for Friends of Trees plantings in our neighborhood. A bit of a tangent, really, but I mention it because it led to me meeting this amazing woman.

She and her husband participated in last year’s neighborhood planting. They ordered a number of fruit trees to plant on their property with the expressed intention of creating a “community orchard” on their corner. Obviously, I loved them instantly.

I was really excited when they called me up, just over a year later, and asked if I would be willing to talk to them about a vision Jessie had for her maternity photos.

A vision, you say?   You mean – a story?   I LOVE STORIES!   ( Obviously 🙂 )

So I invited them to the studio for a consultation. Jessie told me that she had been a doula. She told me that her first son had been born at home, and that this one would be too… She thinks pregnancy and birth are both beautiful and should be celebrated. She expressed that she feels her most beautiful when she is pregnant.

I don’t standardly do boudoir photography, and didn’t really have a clear idea how we would pull it off. As she described her vision — she wanted empowering goddess-inspired maternity photos with a little boudoir / pinup flair — her passion was infectious and of course I said I would love to help her realize her vision.

I know how to photograph women. I know how to make pregnancy beautiful in pictures.

So I did a little improvising and set up a “bedroom” in my studio.

bedroom boudoir setup in photography studio

bedroom boudoir setup in my photography studio

The day finally came, and she showed up with flowers in her hair, amazing lacey garments, and such a sparkle in her eye it was truly infectious.  She admitted that she had been dreaming about this since she was pregnant with her first son, but she had been in a very transitional time in her life and hadn’t had the resources to pursue it at that time.

That only added purpose to the session: the story had grown in meaning through her focus over the years.

We had a great time and, to be quite honest, I think we rocked it.  Goddess status granted!  Thanks for sharing your story with me, beautiful mama.

What do you think?  Would you like to see yourself as a pregnant goddess?


pregnancy is a state of empowerment and beauty

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