The History

Many of my long-time clients know that my husband and I have been working towards adopting a baby through Boys and Girls Aid for the past few years.  We spent a couple years researching and getting the paperwork done, and another couple years in the “waiting pool” – a bizarre state which I called “indefinitely pregnant” since the call could literally come at any time that we’d been matched!

The support and sweet words I have received from all my clients, colleagues, and networking partners has really helped me through this waiting period. It feels a lot less like waiting when the time spent waiting is filled with fantastic people, fun photo shoots, and beautiful stories shared. So many thanks to all of you for that!

We just hit our 2 years waiting mark in October, and were starting to feel pretty blah about the whole process.  It had gotten so normal to just be in the “it may happen someday” mindset, trying not to get too excited just to be let down, that we had kind of grown to accept that “someday” was not today.  Ever.  So when we finally did get the call it came as a huge surprise!

The Big News!

The call came last Tuesday – we’ve been matched with a baby boy who is due to be born before Thanksgiving. His birth mom was born in the same year as me, on my younger sister’s birthday.  From the limited communication we’ve been able to have with her, we know she is a kind and thoughtful woman, and we are very much looking forward to getting to know this little guy and sharing her story with him, and hopefully also sharing his story with her as he grows.

I made a beautiful album for a mama who was matched last year, and I’m looking forward to making one for our family.

picture of a story based photo album celebrating the adoption of a baby girl

So what does that mean for you?

I will be taking a bit of a maternity leave between now and February.  I’d like my business to be back up to about half time by then, so please reach out and schedule your winter sessions!

Also, feel free to send over your tips, tricks, lessons learned, and stories about parenting, babies and kids.  🙂

My blog will probably be pretty quiet during this time.  I will be keeping all my sessions that are already on the books or in the works, and I will be taking on a limited amount of new work during that time and referring out some as well.  I’m lucky enough to be part of a fabulous and very supportive community of other photographers, so all my clients and inquiries will be taken care of fully during this exciting period!

I’m so grateful to have all of you on this journey with me.  From the bottom of my heart.

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