Sometimes I try to figure out when would be the best, most ideal, time to have a new baby… summer, when it’s warm and you can go outside without layers and layers of clothing, but when so much is going on that you’re likely to feel like you are missing out on things?  Or winter, when it’s cold and harder to go out, but so easy to just snuggle up under the blankets with some hot cocoa and relax…

Well, I never thought about it from the perspective of maternity photos until today.  But WOW – Early December due dates put you right in the peak of fall color for maternity photos!

This is going to be a beautiful memory for this family for the rest of their lives.  Can’t you just see these images framed on the wall? The album is going to be breathtaking.

And I always love it when my pregnant couples want to do something a little bit daring.  Apparently, maternity photos in trees is my new niche 😉

beautiful couples maternity photo collage in the colorful fall leaves

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