Think about the businesses you use all the time. Are any of them local businesses? They need your support now more than ever! As a community member and customer we encourage YOU to support these businesses by liking their page, following them on Instagram & FB, visiting their website, writing positive reviews on Yelp, FB, etc. and, of course, continue to shop locally at small businesses!

Here are 5 businesses I would hate to live without.

1. Tiny Talkers-Baby Sign Language & Music – my son has gone to Shira’s classes for over a year and he, at 25 months old, can pretty much communicate anything he wants. He speaks in full sentences with conjunctions and more words than I bother counting. I credit so much of that to the fun, loving, encouraging, and inspiring environment she creates for her students. When we ask what we should do today, Emmett often shouts “Go to Shira’s House!”

2. Siam Grill – my favorite local Thai restaurant. Easy to overlook because it’s in a little strip mall that doesn’t face to the road so look for it next time you’re east of I-205 on Halsey! The food is great and the staff are wonderful.

3. Roseway Play Café – such a sweet cafe and play space in a neighborhood without any options!

4. Parkrose Hardware on Sandy – I tend to have odd ideas that I go to the hardware store to solve. The staff in the (HUGE) hardware section of this store always get really into it with me looking for solutions. It’s the only place I’ve ever gone that didn’t just kind of tolerate my odd requests but encouraged them. <3

5. Revolution Biz & Life Design – Kim sees everything. She’s called a “coach” for lack of a more appropriate term, but she is unlike any coach I have encountered. She is a brilliant partner in crime. She sees what is underneath it all and shows you your natural potential. She makes it easy to grow. I owe a lot of my the clarity and purpose in my work to conversations with her. I am lucky to call her a friend.

Portland’s winter wonderland is beautiful and fun!

It is also important to remember that it is taking a toll on our neighbors and friends – those who rely on income from small businesses that must be closed or have little to no customer traffic due to weather conditions.

Let’s boost our local community! Please share this MEME and give a shout-out to five local businesses you would hate to live without a shoutout to promote their awesomeness and contributions to our local economy.



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