SV2 – Work with me if…

You know it’s time when…

I’m a parent and…

  • I’m so busy!  It’s hard to find time to appreciate my family.
  • I have a million photos in my phone/computer and I am afraid something will happen and I will lose them.
  • I am never in any pictures, because I’m always taking them. It looks like I’m not even part of the family.
  • I want to hire a professional, but I have had bad experiences in the past and I’m afraid of wasting money.
  • I don’t want to “settle” for crummy cell phone pictures, but I feel like I have to.

I’m expecting and…

  • I feel like I never look good in pictures, but I’m so jealous of those beautiful maternity pictures I’ve seen on pinterest.
  • I’m afraid of forgetting this time in my relationship.
  • I hate cheesy pictures, and I don’t trust photographers to get it right.
  • I want someone to help me capture the real me so I won’t be embarrassed to look at the pictures.
  • I’m so excited about growing my family, and I want to celebrate.

I own a business and…

  • I want to attract my ideal clients automatically.
  • I think headshots are stuffy and old fashioned; they are SO not me.
  • I have so much to say about my business and words just aren’t doing it.
  • I am terrified of having my picture taken.
  • I don’t understand why people put their picture all over everything anyway… isn’t it kind of self involved?
  • I need help figuring out how to represent myself – I want to love my photographer.

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