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Your photographer specializes in capturing and preserving your story, so you can begin to see your life as art.  Custom photography is all about you and your experience.

As a society, we’ve learned to huddle around our phones, tablets, and computers to view images one at a time in our staggeringly overpopulated photo archives.  As a result we often don’t even bother, or if we do we always go back to the same picture because we remember where to find it.

I was like that, too, for many years.

But a few years ago I hung one of my favorite wedding photos by my back door so that without any effort on my part I see it every time I leave the house.  This experience changed everything for me – the happiness I feel when I walk out into the world having just been reminded of our amazing relationship and hope in life is a gift, and I am dedicated to providing the same experience for all of my clients.

“The glorious album came yesterday. It is more beautiful than I dreamed! Even the packaging was wonderful. Thank you again and again for your wonderful vision! I kind of want to grab people by the lapels and say ‘Look at this! It’s beautiful!’ But I am kind of controlling myself. Kinda.”Contact Us Today!

–Rise V.

Many people invest in professional photography for their wedding, but forego it for what is arguably a more momentous occasion — the birth of a child! Not to mention the growth, personalities, and relationships over time.

Without a clear record of your story, you’re in danger of losing sight of the magic.  Wouldn’t it be great to be able to simply glance up at the art on your wall, or pull an album off the shelf, and grab hold of it again?

Through story-based photography, we craft custom art pieces from the moments and experiences that you want to remember.

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