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Why are we different than other photography studios?

Many of us have a tendency to feel like life is a grind.  Looking back, everything seems hard or disappointing.  We forget to focus on the magic, so it simply slips away.

The magic is in the times that take your breath away… The incredible scale of your newborn’s body, the amazement when your child took his/her first step, the joy when your child said something really brilliant, or the loving gaze your partner reserves only for you.

We know these things as “fact” but our minds can’t process the gravity around them.  The magic is lost in the day-to-day. Parents continually say “they’re just growing up so fast”, “where has the time gone”, and “you’d better appreciate it while you still have it”.

Pictures are time capsules for emotion. Sometimes we forget all about an event until we see a photograph.  Suddenly, you remember the event and the overwhelming emotion connected to it all at once.  Without the picture, that magic may have been lost.

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Click through to learn more about how your story-based photography session works. Your custom photo session is built around the truth in your life, and the life of your children right now.  We get to know you like a friend so we can help you build your story.

Art For Your Home

Fine art made from your unique images tell your story everyday effortlessly

The more children knew about their family’s history, the stronger their sense of control over their lives, the higher their self-esteem and the more they believe in their families.  Our signature art pieces help strengthen your story.

“The glorious album came yesterday. It is more beautiful than I dreamed! Even the packaging was wonderful. Thank you again and again for your wonderful vision! I kind of want to grab people by the lapels and say ‘Look at this! It’s beautiful!’ But I am kind of controlling myself. Kinda.” Contact Us Today!

–Rise V.

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