Baby’s First Year

Is your child’s story just beginning?

Here’s a little inspiration. Meet Megan, Antoine, and baby Julien. We captured their life from maternity through one year so they will always be able to share these moments with each other, and with him.

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How often should you get your family photos taken?

I recommend at least twice per year in the first two years, and once per year after that.
Ideally, the first year would include four sessions. These sessions highlight different milestones in the life of your family. I’ll give you a quick overview about why each stage is worth capturing.


Many women skip maternity photos. Somehow, the value of these images doesn’t become clear until years down the road for many of us. I’ve seen over and over, however, the immense value these images have for families and especially for children as they grow. Many of my families report their toddlers and young children want to read their pregnancy/newborn storybooks over and over, watching as they grow in mommy’s tummy and then find their place out in the world! This very abstract idea is easier to grasp when they can see it for themselves.


Newborn sessions typically happen within the first 2 weeks of a baby’s life. New babies change so incredibly quickly that before long you will look at the images from this session and say “there’s no way our little one was ever that tiny!”. It’s something the mind and heart can not remember clearly on their own.

Mover & Shaker 6-8 months

At 6 months babies really start to change in remarkable ways. They can push up on their tummies, smile, giggle, grab their toes, and sometimes they can even sit up on their own! By 8 months many babies are beginning to move around! They may be scooting, crawling, or doing the hands and knees thing trying to get there.

6-8 month sessions are one of my all-time favorites. The world is literally their playground at this point and capturing that joy is pure magic.

1st Birthday

To bring closure to baby’s first year here on earth, we can’t forget the birthday play date. While they may have been sitting, or beginning to crawl, at their last session, Now they are focused on standing on their own two feet!

Some parents like to bake cupcakes or some other treat for their littles, while others meet me at the local park or simply hang out at home with their little one and marvel at all that has come to pass.

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