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“How To” Playdate

Your family goes on living life—even when I’m not there! I know. Crazy, right? Empower yourself to have photos that inspire you every day, not just on the “special” days we play together.

Let’s do a 1-1 mentoring session. Bring your questions! I will start by teaching my 4 easy steps to better pictures, and then we will do a hands-on workshop to answer your questions.

Private 1 on 1 mentoring session (for one person or family) with Serra at location of your choice: $275

Group Mentoring Sessions

Invite a friend or two and you all save! Plus you get the added benefit of learning together, which means you’ll have each other as accountability and resources going forward. And you’ll be able to capture images of each other!

2-hour mentoring session with 2 families: $175 per family
2-hour mentoring session with 3 families: $125 per family

How-To Photo Party

Are you part of a mom’s group, or just know a lot of people who are interested in improving their basic photography skills and capturing true, beautiful images from their lives? What better excuse to throw a party?

How-To Parties are 3-hours long and very hands-on. We start with a brief presentation about the concepts and you’re off on a scavenger hunt. We’ll play, ask questions, think outside the box, and capture a ton of images. I make the rounds and work with each of you individually to open your creative floodgates.

2-hour How-To Photo Party with 4-8 families: $475

Join The Free Online Community

Inspired? Want to share your passion for taking true, beautiful pictures of your life? Have you been wishing for a little bit more from your own photos? I love to help people see the beauty in their lives.

Join the 4 Easy Steps Facebook Group. Make new friends, strengthen your skills, and gain accountability when you join this community! My “4 Easy Steps to taking better pictures” guide is available as a starting point, and the rest is up to you. I’m around to answer questions, give feedback, and share advice.

Book Me To Speak At Your Event

Do you host a mom’s group? Own a family-oriented shop with workshop space? Are you in charge of booking classes or speakers? Let’s play!

I have three fun workshop options available:


1-hour long talk designed for adults and also appropriate for older kids who have the attention span are interested in photography. I have put together a fun talk with tons of photo examples and tips about what makes a photo “good” and how to get closer with very little effort on your part. May be done stand-alone or followed by a second hour of hands-on practice.

2-hour “4 Easy Steps To Better Pictures” presentation: $475


2-hour scavenger hunt for school-aged kids and their adults. We will do a very abbreviated version of the 4 Easy Steps To Taking Better Pictures lesson followed by a scavenger hunt that is designed to help you practice what you’ve learned. At the end, we will have a viewing party to celebrate favorite photos taken by group participants.

2-hour Basic Photography Workshop: $475


15 minute presentation on the importance of moms getting in the picture. This one is particularly good for moms to be and new moms, but good for any parent. I love it when couples attend this talk together. This presentation is usually followed by 45 minutes of conversation on the topic. It’s amazing how much conversation comes up every time on this topic!

Free of charge!

Please reach out with your ideas. I can’t wait to collaborate with you!

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