The waiting is over! It’s time to celebrate!

…If you can find the time.

If you’re like most parents of newborns you are exhausted, overwhelmed, and in awe. Whether this is your first, or you’re adding to your family, your life has just changed in a big way.

Each day seems to stretch on for an eternity, and it’s hard to imagine that you won’t remember every single moment. How could you possibly forget all those times you felt lost, or had an ah-ha moment? How could you forget the sweet newborn clothes and blankets, the brand new things your baby does, and every sweet little noise they make?

It seems impossible, but trust me — if you are not careful you will forget.

We remember the things we choose to focus on. If we’re lazy, those things are often centered around extreme emotion and many times it isn’t good. We all remember times we felt lost, angry, embarrassed, or faced with a difficult choice… and it will become even more emblazoned in your memory if you feel you did the wrong thing! Memory is tricky like that. It likes to run away with our joy.

If we put in the effort to notice, however, we can pay equal attention to the beauty and joy. With a bit of intention, we can carry the good memories forward as well.

Newborn Baby: What’s The Story?

The newborn stage is all about scale and relationship. Everything about your baby is tiny and new. Every image you capture will be telling this story in new ways.


Photo Opportunities You Won’t Want To Miss!

  • Your baby sleeping alone. Do they sleep in a crib or bassinet? Rock and Play? Wherever it is, back up and capture a photo of the whole picture. You will be amazed at how ridiculously small they look in there a few months later!
  • Parents and other relatives with baby. Some of my favorite images from my son’s first couple weeks are ones where he is being held by people who love him. Daddy bottle feeding him in the bedroom, or reading on the couch with him asleep in his lap. Myself asleep on the couch with my baby in crook of my arm… My sister meeting him for the first time, and my mother-in-law, a life long daycare provider, soothing him in a way that is uniquely hers. Look for these moments and take a step back to capture them. And make sure those around you do the same for you!
  • Bath time. This will be a fun opportunity for the whole first year, and it is especially incredible when your baby is brand new because this is a chance to see their whole tiny body all stretched out. It really highlights just how tiny their arms and legs are.
  • Baby feet and hands. One of my very favorite images is of my son’s hand in my mom’s hand. The newborn stage is all about scale, and showing just how tiny their hands and feet are compared to yours is a wonderful way to celebrate this


How To Make It Beautiful

  • Find good light
    • Look for nice light while you’re going about your day. Notice places where there’s plenty of light, but no direct sun. North-facing windows are a dream. East and West-facing windows are great as long as you choose the right time of day. If you have a south-facing window, you can put a white curtain over it to soften the light.
    • Can you see the light in their eyes? If so, you’re on the right track!
  • Change your crop and angle
    • Babies don’t move a lot, so this is a perfect time to play with crop and angle!
    • Try at least 3 angles every time you take a picture
    • Make sure to capture close up details as well as photos of the whole room. Even if you feel uncomfortable with the way your home looks right now, you will appreciate looking back on these images. Seeing the whole environment will transport you directly back to this time in your life, and the memories and emotions will follow.
  • Get at eye level with your subject
    • If your baby is lying down, stand over them and look straight down into their eyes.


Happy Documenting!

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