“How To” Play Date

Ever wish someone would show up at your front door and walk you through a few easy steps to help you easily take better pictures of your baby, or family?

Let me make your wish come true!

Private Mentoring Session

Private 1 on 1 mentoring session (for one person or family) with Serra at location of your choice: $275


Group Mentoring Session

Invite a friend or two and you all save! Plus you get the added benefit of learning together, which means you’ll have each other as accountability and resources going forward. And you’ll be able to capture images of each other!

2-hour mentoring session with 2 families: $175 each
2-hour mentoring session with 3 families: $125 each


How-To Party!

Are you part of a mom’s group, or just know a lot of people who are interested in improving their basic photography skills and capturing true, beautiful images from their lives? What better excuse to throw a party?

How-To Parties are 3-hours long and very hands-on. We start with a brief presentation about the concepts and then we play, ask questions, and capture a ton of images. I make the rounds and work with each of you individually to open your creative floodgates.

How-To Party with 4-8 families: $500


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