funky reclaimed doors

Help!  I’m at the beginning of the exciting process of renovating my oversized garage into a portrait studio.  I know – about time, right!?  Well, I have been watching Craigslist for the past 2 weeks looking for doors to buy because the door that is on the garage is both hideous and insecure…

Do you know anyone who has some old doors in their basement or garage?  I’m extending a never before, never again offer that should be a win-win for everyone!  Schedule your head shot, baby, child, couple, senior portrait (you get the idea) session and pay for it with that old door that you’ve been looking to get rid of anyway!

funky reclaimed doors

Ultimately I need 3 doors.  I need one solid exterior door with either no glass or only small lights at the top.  The last door had a full glass front and got broken into, so I’d like to avoid that this time around!  The catch is that it’s a small opening for an exterior door, just about 30″x80″.  Got one?  Free session for you!

many doorsI also need two interior doors since I’ll be creating a bathroom and a private office/changing room inside.  These doors can be any size since I haven’t created the openings yet.  I am into quirky, modern, vintage, or really anything you’ve got.  I’d love for them not to be hollow-core, however.  Got one or two?  Free sessions, all around.

This is not the kind of deal you run into every day…  Offload some junk and basically get paid for it.  So jump on it!  Send me your pictures and specs today.  (For your door, silly!)

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