At Serravision Photography, we think it’s mighty important to care for our community.  And this doesn’t just mean treating people well, although of course that is part of it, but it means enriching the community with service and art, concentrating on exchanging resources locally, caring for the environment and reducing the impact of pollution and waste.

Here are some thing Serravision Photography does to care for the local Portland community:

  • Use 100% recycled packaging and office paper
  • Reduce energy consumption by using available light when appropriate
  • Purchase offsets for energy use in the form of Smart Energy and Blue Sky Renewable energy programs
  • Reduce carbon pollution by using public transportation and bicycling when appropriate
  • Website hosted through company with aligned values that also offsets the energy use for it’s operations
  • Screen and select suppliers based on their values concerning environmental issues
  • Buy prints, products and service locally whenever available
  • Participate in alternative currency programs for those who can not afford service through traditional means
  • Digital photography eliminates chemical and paper needs required by traditional film photography
  • Online proofs; no materials are used until a final decision is made
  • Eliminate paper mailings

A few of the local businesses and suppliers we work with are:

Rice Studio Supplies
Pro Photo Supply
Camera Solutions
New Space Photography
Color Magic
Bridge Town Photography
Stumptown Printers
Rose City Stamp
New Seasons Market
Case Study Coffee
Rivermark Community Credit Union 

Please join us in supporting our local community.
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