As the studio walls finally got finished up and the summer had come and gone, I said jokingly, “Wouldn’t it be funny to set up a photo booth and accept trick-or-treaters?”  We needed a goal for when to have the trim done and the bathroom door hung.  We are in a residential neighborhood with a lot of kids, so the idea blossomed and through a little networking I was lucky enough to team up with Emily from B Lovely Events who decked the place out in Halloween cheer.

Fun Halloween party at the new photo studio!

Kids and parents eyes lit up when they were told they could take anything they liked from the Candy Bar, and then come over and have their photo taken in the photo booth. They could even hang out and watch a couple of Halloween themed cartoons while they waited for their print. It was really quite amazing how kids just made themselves right at home, somewhat to the bewilderment of many parents I noticed!  Nobody knew quite what to make of the trick-or-treat party.  But it was universally fun for all, including us of course!  Here are a few of my favorite shots from the night.

Trick-Or-Treat Photo Booth Pictures

I don’t know for sure, but I think this might have to become an annual event.  What a great way to meet and give back to my immediate community!

I hope you had a fabulous Halloween.  I hope, too, that I’ll get to see some shots of all the great costumes that were worn!  Halloween is a really excellent chance to tap into the story that runs throughout your life.

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