I’ve shot a few weddings in the past where Jewish elements were woven in, but this was the first fully Jewish wedding that I’ve been to and it was a pleasure to learn the history and intent behind all of the various traditions.  The couple did a lot of the work for their wedding, like creating unique Kippot for guests to wear during the wedding ceremony.  What a special personal touch that was!

DIY Kippot on guests’ heads during wedding ceremony

I also managed to come away with my favorite party photo ever during the chair dance!  The paper lanterns, purple scarf, and elated expressions come together perfectly and I know if this was my wedding this would be one of my featured album photos for sure.

Dynamic Chair Dance photo at Jewish Wedding

I was so lucky to be invited to be a part of this amazing couples’ wedding. Amidst all the personal touches and positive emotions, the most unexpected and touching moment was when they had their rabbi pour out a bit of their Kiddush wine (symbolizing the joy or their union) saying that their cup of joy would not be completely full until everyone was legally allowed to share in the joy of marriage. I’ve only known them for a few months and they have touched my heart deeply in that short time with their thoughtfulness, intelligence, and kindness.

Happy couple kissing during their first moments as a new husband and wife!

Rebekah and Michael, congratulations to the two of you as you enjoy your honeymoon in Peru and the continuing adventure of your life together!

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