Zander turned 1 this month and since dad has been making tie dye all his life, what better way to celebrate than with family pictures where everyone is wearing tie dye!   This little guy has grown so much since he was in as a newborn… it’s always amazing to me how quickly they change.  Mom picked the perfect tie dye to bring out his big blue eyes and he was thrilled to show me how he can walk along the path at the park and bang rocks together.  Just look at those teeth!

Celebrating first birthday in style with tie dye photo shoot

When it came time for the family photos, my photographer’s eye kicked in and said let’s put them against a solid background.. well as solid as can be found out here.  Glad it was autumn, so the grass had dried and turned into this beautiful golden color: the perfect photo background to their bright tones.  Happy birthday little guy!

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