I was recently hired to cover an event at Red Robin to honor and recognize their dedicated “heart of house” staff, who make the food. This event is kind of like a “Top Chef” quick fire challenge where all the contestants compete against each other and the clock to create the most delicious and visually appealing burgers.  They are judged by company executives and the nationally recognized winners are awarded cash prizes… but they must first win regionally, and that’s what was happening on Tuesday.

Red Robin Smiling Burger Competition Portland 2011

Red Robin Smiling Burger Competition Portland 2011

I had a really great time at the event, and the bar made a gorgeous backdrop for photos! I am used to doing portraits and head shots with more lights in the front and less detail in the back, but I quite liked my one-umbrella setup with all the beautiful bokeh in the background… The restaurant ambiance gave the photographs a lot of character.  Here’s my favorite shot of the morning.

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