One of the biggest rewards to me as a portrait photographer is seeing babies grow up.  It is just so fun to watch them get bigger, learn new tricks, and interact in exciting and different ways.  I love seeing the world anew through the eyes of each child.  That’s why I’ve been so lucky to have Wyatt coming in every 3 months while we document his first year through a series of unique photographs.

Capturing In Photographs All 6-Month-Old Wyatt's New Tricks!

Capturing In Photographs All 6-Month-Old Wyatt's New Tricks!

Wyatt is a big boy, but he’s still managed to learn how to sit up quite steadily at only 6 months old.  He’s also discovered his toes (which is one of my all-time favorite baby stages!) and loves to play peek-a-boo and laugh with his older sister.  I love the variety of shots we got and the whole time he was such a champ!  I think he secretly loves getting his photograph taken, even if to him it’s just a fun time when everyone pays really close attention to him.  He is so naturally photogenic, and makes my job ridiculously easy.  Can’t wait to see you in 3 months, Wyatt!

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