Families come together in many ways.  This Saturday I took my backdrop and lights down to the Lloyd Center Mall in Portland Oregon to volunteer my time taking free pictures of children and families attending the National Adoption Day celebration “Oregon Celebrates Adoption“.  I’ve always felt strongly about adoption, especially as our population expands and children remain hungry and without families.  The atmosphere of this event was full of fun, hope and whimsey.  I loved meeting all the families and seeing how they bonded and came together.  This sweet little boy and his mom are so beautiful in this shot, and I can tell that he is wise beyond his years.

My favorite little boy of the day, the humble tiger

Remember, if you attended this event you’re eligible for a free photo session between now and April 1, 2012.  I hope to see you again soon!


I thank all the great kids and families I met at this event for their patience and optimism. I met a lot of great people and so many lovely, adorable families.  Here are just a couple of the great shots I took, each in 1 minute or less!  What a day!

A few of the many families I photographed at Adoption Day 2011


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