Here’s another amazing family from my holiday photography season.  Mom contacted me with a plea, asking if there was any way I shoot a family portrait session between Dec 23 and Dec 29th, since her family would be together only for that short window of time.  She shared that her oldest son lives in Seattle, and has trouble getting time off work.  Not only that, but her youngest son is in the military and was going to be home for Christmas before being re-deployed.  I had a vacation scheduled myself, but I didn’t leave until 4AM on December 24th and so of course I could not pass up the chance to give this family the fun but beautiful portrait session they needed to remember this time!

You're never too old for family portraits

You're never too old for family portraits

Boy, was I glad that I made the time!  This family was so remarkable.  Their optimism and carefree attitudes made it easy for me to capture the family both in more traditional and more authentic photos.  They ended up with a set of unique portraits that will help them remember this holiday season for years to come.

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