These two local models contacted me looking to expand and update their portfolios.  I asked if they’d mind going down to the docks and hanging out until dusk so I could play with my new portable flash.  Outdoor lighting is a new thing for me, this year.  In the past I’ve done almost 100% available light photography unless in the studio.  But since I do have lighting background and adding skills is always a good idea, I figured I would take some time to learn to combine the two environments.

Kaytie and Sean were really great to work with, and patient while I attempted to hold reflectors, aim the flash, figure out the exposure and shoot all at the same time!  I also took the opportunity to play with textures in my editing process.  We got some great shots, and I really appreciate the experience.  Thanks you two!

Dusk photography with two local models

Dusk photography with two local models

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