We are just so excited about this new line of frames!  They are not only beautiful, they are also made in the USA.  We love the understated style throughout the line.  There’s something for everyone here — from the minimalistic fineline to the bold, modern metro line.  We’ve got the vintage feel tastefully covered and we just love the natural, rustic, barn wood collection.

Preview of our brand new frame line!

What’s the big deal about frames, anyway?  If you’ve spoken to me you know that I’m passionate about creating art from your images.  The worst thing is to spend the time and money only to walk away with digital files to add to the mountain of other digital files in your life.

In our opinion, the real goal of any portrait session is to create those beautiful art pieces that grow and move with your family — the pieces that are loved through generations.  Two of our favorite ways to do this are by custom designed and printed books and wall collections.  What is a wall collection, you may ask?  It’s a story told in pictures and framed or mounted for display on your wall.  These collections add meaning to your life, reminding you constantly of the magic that runs under everything.

2013 has been the year where story has taken over our lives here at the studio, and in 2014 we are introducing a brand new line of frames specially selected because of their ability to work in groups as well as stand alone.  The best way to frame a collection is with simple frames that won’t steal the show, but will provide a beautiful thread that links your story together.  Here’s a quick preview of some of our favorite new collection layouts.  You’ll be able to see these layouts in person at the studio in 2014!

Wall Collections Tell Your Story In Pictures

Frame Samples

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