Weather is not easy to predict. It seems like the end of August would be guaranteed excellent weather, but in the Puget Sound fog is always a possibility. Mom was visibly disappointed when she arrived at 11AM with everyone dressed in bright summery outfits and no sun to be found. Luckily I have an honest soft spot for overcast photo sessions and was able to reassure her that the thick fog was a blessing in disguise.  Fog diffuses the light to facilitate extremely even lighting that flatters human features, and it also creates an awesome background in the true sense of the word.

Family photos at the beach on a foggy morning

Family photos at the beach on a foggy morning

We ran around the beach to keep the blood flowing and the kids had a great time skipping stones and climbing on driftwood. This to me is the ideal situation, the setting is fun and automatically inspires authentic play and creativity so all I have to do is capture it. One of my favorite candid photos from the day is this on of the two boys.

Portrait of two boys playing on the beach

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