Toddlers are certainly forces of nature. When I head out to a toddler portrait session, I prepare myself for all possibilities. Depending on the day and time, a photographer might encounter anything! Some toddlers are so shy that mom’s hand or leg is in every shot while others are so eager to get moving that mom and I are both left running the whole session!

I was nervous when I first arrived at this particular session because when I called mom to let her know I was outside, I was informed that they were waking her up from a nap and would be 10 minutes late. Waking up from a nap can certainly be unpleasant for all involved, but little Kay surprised us all with her good spirits! I did end up touching out a few pillow wrinkles on her cheek, but by the end of this session I was so happy I could barely contain myself. I always love kid photo sessions, but this one just really put a smile on my face. I hope it does yours, too!

dynamic toddler photo session

dynamic toddler photo session

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