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Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! One of our core values as a business is social and ecological responsibility. That’s why we use recycled materials whenever possible, support local businesses, and source our electricity from renewable sources via Pacific Power’s "Blue Sky" program....

Your headshot really matters.

We've all done it... "Oh, I need a photo to put on (facebook, linkedin, website, etc). Here's one... I'll just crop it and I'm good to go." I'm not pointing any fingers here... Honestly, I am a professional photographer so I should know better, and yet I just uploaded...

Wisdom from Martin Luther King Jr.

Of all the people in history, at least for my generation, Dr. King's quotes have been the most influential. In honor of his birthday today I wanted to share one that I find the most inspirational. There are some more famous quotes from him - some great ones on...

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