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How To Choose The Right Photographer

So you want to hire a photographer… but how do you choose? Especially in a place like Portland where there are just SO MANY photographers… I have a few thoughts about this, but I think it’s easier to illustrate it with a story. (I do love stories after all!)

That is what a client-photographer relationship should feel like. There are so many variables… what style do you want? Lifestyle, candid, documentary / journalistic, fashion, studio, fantasy…? How far do you want to travel? How much are you willing to invest in this experience – in the opportunity to save these memories for a lifetime?

Mama-Centred Networking – PDX Littles

You're invited to a special event! Connect with your power partners and have a blast doing it.     Here's The Plan: Build a fun non-compete referral group based on the shared goal of lovingly serving expectant moms and mothers of young babies.   Ready to Get Moving?  ...

Big news! We’re having a baby!

The History Many of my long-time clients know that my husband and I have been working towards adopting a baby through Boys and Girls Aid for the past few years.  We spent a couple years researching and getting the paperwork done, and another couple years in the...

Fun Fall Photos of the Family

I love incorporating older siblings into maternity sessions. The fun part is that it doesn't always have to be a "maternity" pose with a child in it... you can absolutely just do a normal family photo session but throw in a few maternity poses. I couldn't believe it...

How Dunkin Donuts Tells Our Story

It's story time. I just got back from a trip with my husband to Connecticut, where he grew up.  We were there to visit with family and attend his youngest brother's wedding. It was great - for once I got to dress up and be a normal wedding guest.  No photography...

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