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Grandmas are family, too!

Sometimes people ask me, "Is it ok if his (grandma, cousin, aunt, friend, dog, fill in the blank) is there at the session, too?" Although I do understand where it comes from, I find this to be a strange question. Tell me they're coming–It's your playdate! This is just...

One Page Tells A Story

Sometimes when I design storybook layouts for families it's almost like a high. I get so excited when the story comes together on the page! I love how this page perfectly illustrates this little boy. From needing dad's help to putting on his shoes to showing off the...

You Are Beautiful

My son is 10 months old, which is also about the time they say babies can start to use and understand baby sign language. Because we are a family that values communication, we love the idea! I signed us up for a class called "Sign, sing, and play". The light and the...

How I Am Making My Family Photo Wall

I want my clients to experience the joy in their lives, and to see it every day. I want them to feel the peace that comes from knowing you’ve really got something great, even if there are bumps in the road. I want them to remember where they have been. I want them to have perspective on where they are now, and where they are heading as a family. Here are 6 steps to creating the perfect family photo wall. Step 1: …

How To Choose The Right Photographer

So you want to hire a photographer… but how do you choose? Especially in a place like Portland where there are just SO MANY photographers… I have a few thoughts about this, but I think it’s easier to illustrate it with a story. (I do love stories after all!)

That is what a client-photographer relationship should feel like. There are so many variables… what style do you want? Lifestyle, candid, documentary / journalistic, fashion, studio, fantasy…? How far do you want to travel? How much are you willing to invest in this experience – in the opportunity to save these memories for a lifetime?

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