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Happy Mother’s Day

My son is two and a half now. At daycare, they always do little holiday themed crafting projects. So, for example, I brought home a brown painted pumpkin (orange and green mixed!) at Halloween. For future reference - never give a toddler complimentary colored paints...

Holiday Card Special

You know how you told yourself you wanted to send Christmas cards this past summer...? Let me do the leg work for you right now! That way you can spend the first week in December listening to your kids’ Christmas concerts, not sifting through possible card templates...

Grandmas are family, too!

Sometimes people ask me, "Is it ok if his (grandma, cousin, aunt, friend, dog, fill in the blank) is there at the session, too?" Although I do understand where it comes from, I find this to be a strange question. Tell me they're coming–It's your playdate! This is...

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