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2017 Holiday Card Mini Sessions!

Holiday Mini Family Playdate 20 minutes. 10 images. 1 custom holiday card design.     Claim Your Spot Now See your joy, and SHARE it with your friends and family. Holiday Card Mini Session includes: 20 minutes playing with you and your family 10 beautiful images...

Red Two-Wheeler

3 weeks after deciding to care about his "red two-wheeler" Emmett is off to the races, gliding and balancing like a pro. Combining water and bike riding has been a big hit. I  watching him learn, and I can't believe how quickly he can gain skills when he chooses to...

Happy Mother’s Day

My son is two and a half now. At daycare, they always do little holiday themed crafting projects. So, for example, I brought home a brown painted pumpkin (orange and green mixed!) at Halloween. For future reference - never give a toddler complimentary colored paints...

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